My #1 Side Hustle – EBay

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I am going to kick the gate open with my #1 Side Hustle……EBay!

Ebay has been an excellent source of additional income for me in the last 7 years. At minimum I make an additional $1,000.00 per month in income from EBay.

There are so many places that you can get things to sell on Ebay, so let’s dive into them now!

  1. This one might seem pretty obvious…..Things you already have laying around your house now.
    • That’s right, dust those things off in the attic, garage and closets and get busy making some extra cash! It is quick, easy and inexpensive because you already own these items. No out of pocket expense to you….only quick cash in your hand!
  2. Thrift Stores:
    • This one is another favorite of mine, especially because I live in a big city and there are hundreds of thrift stores at my disposal.
    • You can find name brand items for unbelievable prices that will allow you to turn a quick profit.
    • I even find name brand items with the original tags and I sell them for premium prices. Jackpot!!!
  3. Friends & Family:
    • Ask your friend and family if they have items that they no longer need. Often times, they were just going to throw the items away or donate them! No need for all of that… can take the items off their hands and make some extra cash!
  4. Consignment:
    • Ask your Friends/Coworkers/Family if they have quality items that they would like to sell. If so, offer to sell them on consignment for them.
    • You can charge a consignment fee for doing all of the work and they can make some extra cash too.
    • Consignment fees vary depending on the items but you can usually charge 60% to sell the items and the owner of the item will walk away with 40%. It’s a win win for the both of you. Again, no out of pocket expense for you because they provided the product.
  5. Garage Sales:
    • Oh how I love this one!! It can be time consuming but I am always on the hunt for a good bargain that I can make money off of.
    • Garage sales are the mecca for picking up really nice items for rock bottom prices. People just want to get rid of things and they are usually willing to part with an item for even much less than the tag says.  Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!
    • I personally like to garage sale in the high end areas of the city in order to get the nicer products. I will look for multiple things to purchase (a bundle) and make them an offer they can’t refuse. It works every time and I walk away counting the profits I am about to make off of my great finds. Your expenses, small investment on products, gas money & time.

Ok, that wraps up my top 5 sources for how I get products to sell on EBay. It is quick and easy….not to mention that it will add a few more $$$ to your bank account.

Some of the methods require a small investment (less than $100) and other methods require no investment at all, except for your time.

So let’s get busy with your new side hustle!

Which method will you choose? I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments about how this article has helped you Get A Side Hustle.

Until next time my friends, Christie

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