The Day I Lost My Six Figure Job – Part 1

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Welcome back to Get A Side Hustle!! The Day I Lost My Six Figure Job (Part 1)

Today is January 1, 2017, the start of New Year! Happy New Year!!

Most people are probably getting ready to kick off their new years resolution goals today. I can’t say that I have ever really fallen into that category. Don’t get me wrong, I love goals but I set them throughout the year and try to steer clear of the dreaded “New Years Resolution” goals. They have always seemed to be more daunting and somewhat lofty. You know what I’m saying, the ones that you just can’t seem to force yourself to start or accomplish.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

December 29, 2016 seemed like any other day. Got up and went through my normal morning routine. Started my usual morning drive to the office like any other day, thinking about the ridiculous amount of meetings and the overwhelming workload that awaited me.

I could feel my neck and back slowly beginning its normal routine as well… tie up in knots!

I stood at the elevator waiting for the doors to open so that I could start my journey to another day in Hell. I arrive at the 14th Floor and unlock my office, which has floor to ceiling windows and a beautiful view overlooking a glorious golf course.  I often shut my door and stared out the windows wondering how I ended up with so much good fortune but boat loads of unhappiness. Anyway, back to the story…I sat down at my computer and prepared for my first meeting of the day. It came and went just like any other. I went back to my office and was thinking about where I wanted to go for lunch that day…….when all of the sudden my boss appeared at my office door.

She quietly said “Christie, can you please come down to my office?” Nothing seemed out of the norm, so I said “sure, be right there” and then she walked away. Now I thought she simply wanted to give me an update on some open tasks before we left the office for the New Year’s holiday, so I walked 3 doors down to her office. I knew this was going to be different because the Director of HR was sitting in my bosses office.

They kindly offered me a seat and began to tell me that the company was going through a huge restructure and that my position will be eliminated.

I sat quietly for a few seconds taking in the news. Then I realized that I was holding back the biggest smile. I wanted to jump up and down like I just won the lottery. You see, I had finally made it to the top after years of hard work. I was the Manager of a Tax group and it was what I thought I had always wanted. Or was it?

The job was so stressful that I had started having many symptoms that I recognize as stress related. My frequent visits to the chiropractor, sleeplessness, mental and physical exhaustion and let’s not leave out my deteriorating attitude. Yep, it was official….. I HATED MY SIX FIGURE JOB!!!

What happened next was short of a miracle…… check in out in: The Day I Lost My Six Figure Job – Part 2.

Until next time my friends, Christie


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