The Day I Lost My Six Figure Job – Part 2

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Welcome back……. Let’s pick up where we left off.

The HR Director proceeded to hand me a piece of paper, which I quickly recognized as a severance agreement. But wait, this one was a little different. He began to tell me that they needed my help and that my position would not be eliminated until March 15, 2017. We were just getting started in our busiest season on the year and they didn’t want to go at it alone. Good call on their part! I had a wealth of knowledge that no one else had and they were smart enough to realize that.

I quickly scanned the agreement and told them that I would review it over the holiday break and get back with them the following week on my decision.

I went back to my office, grabbed my purse and headed out for lunch with my new lottery ticket securely in hand. I am pretty sure that I skipped all of the way down to the parking garage to my car. I jumped in the car….. and off to my secret spot I headed. It was one of my favorite places to go during the day when things felt out of control.

I slowly began to read all of the details of my new found freedom. I remember the feeling of excitement and joy. Wait, what? Excitement and Joy over losing my six figure job? Exactly! and YES!!!

I had been secretly looking for another job for the past 3 months. I needed out of this crazy place. I couldn’t stand my job, my boss or the unethical company any longer. I remember telling my parents that I wish they would just give me a severance package and let me go.

I couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time finding a replacement. I called my mom one night and asked her “what is wrong with me?” “why can’t I find another job?” “I am intelligent, qualified and countless other things that any employer would want, so why?” She proceeded to tell me that things happen for a reason (one of my favorite sayings) and that I need to be patient and wait for the great things that are to come.

Now I would like to say that I took her words and went on with a new found sense of optimism….but that would be a lie. The thoughts of “why” still plagued me.

However, I did continue to get up and go through the motions of going to the high paying job that I had come to despise.

But she was right….here I was sitting in my car one week later, staring at the “golden ticket.” The company was offering me almost a full years salary for the next 2.5 months of work.  I finally realized this was the reason I had not been able to find a replacement. There was something better coming my way. The weight of a thousand bricks immediately lifted from my neck and back. I was 2.5 months away from freedom and the start of a new chapter in my life. One that I would welcome with open arms.

Stay tuned for what happens next……..

Until next time my friends, Christie



  1. While I have, thankfully, not been on the receiving end of one of these – I’ve seen a lot of coworkers go through it. I’m really glad it worked out for you (or hopefully will!). That being said, it seems we have a lot in common..similar industries, I am guessing!

    P.S. You should be on Twitter! It’s where the cool kids hang out.

    1. Hi Mike! I agree that it is not an ideal situation but I have made it through with a pretty good package, which helps take some of the stress out of it. I am also pretty optimistic that I will be able to rebound fairly quickly given the demand for my skill set. However, I am honestly looking forward to taking some time off and doing some really cool things. I will be providing updates on my blog so please come back to check in and get the latest update. Thanks again for visiting with me and leaving a comment. PS….Twitter may be in my future….after my site redesign is complete 🙂

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