Moving From A City To A Small Town – Update

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Hey ……I’m back with an update to my post last week – Moving From A City To A Small Town.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I wrote that post and several things have happened since then, so I thought I would take a moment to fill you in.

I found an adorable house that I wanted to go check out in the small town I was considering relocating to. I decided to drive down last Sunday and check it out. It was going to be a 2 hour trip (each way) so I had a little road trip ahead of me.

The trip started out great….I was super excited to get to the cute house and check out my surroundings. I played some of my favorite music and just enjoyed the drive South.

I started to get this sinking feeling in my stomach as I inched closer and closer to my final destination. This time is wasn’t excitement.

It was an overwhelming feeling of …oh my gosh, I can’t live out here in the middle of nowhere. I slowly turned down a beat up paved road and headed to the housing addition that looked like paradise in the pictures.

Well, let’s just say that sometimes pictures can be deceiving! I turned into the sub-division and the first 2 streets I went down looked ok (but nothing to write home about). I made it to the 3rd street over from the entrance and it I knew at that moment that this was going to be a no go for me.

They had built wonderful custom homes on the first 2 streets. The next 3 streets down were duplexes, which made no sense to me. Why did they decide to build this great housing addition and then throw 3 streets worth of duplexes in the mix? Who knows, but it was very trashy.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some really nice duplexes in the city. This however was anything but nice.

It looked like some of the neighbors hadn’t mowed their lawns…..well ever. The grass was tall and dead. It was extremely unsightly. The cars were beat up and run down. The duplexes were not well cared for by the tenants. It basically looked like a trailer park but without wheels. It was hideous…… and they clearly ruined what could have been an extremely nice sub-division for that area.

I spent about 15 minutes cruising the streets and trying to find a reason to fall in love enough to make the move but it just wasn’t happening. I knew that I needed to return to the city and start my house hunting there.

In conjunction with the disappointment swirling in my mind about the housing addition, I couldn’t help but think (and say out loud)….. What is world am I going to do for work out here?

I could just see my future life flashing before me…….

Working at a truck stop….or maybe I would be a checkout girl at the local grocery store. But wait….I could even go to work for the bank as teller and make a whopping $13.00 per hour (before taxes). Don’t get me wrong. These are all great jobs but not quite the income level I have grown accustom to.

All I could picture is a sea of never ending, below poverty level, employment opportunities.

Let’s just say that I drove back to the city with a new found sense of appreciation that I had not seen when I left that morning. I couldn’t wait to get back. There had to be other options that would allow me to find a house that I loved without leaving the city.

It was time to get creative!!!

Check back next week for an update on what happened next…….

Until next time my friends, Christie


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