2017 Elite Blog Academy – 30 Day Review

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Welcome to my 2017 Elite Blog Academy 30 Day Review.

I hope you continue to follow along as I chronicle my journey while taking the Elite Blog Academy Course (also known as EBA). Please note that due to confidentiality with EBA, I am unable to share course materials, specifics and certain details.

However, I am confident that I can write reviews as I move along that will be helpful to others. ūüôā

Let’s just start by saying that it was a HUGE investment and¬†I was a little nervous. However, I am already starting to see great results from some of the lessons I am learning from the course.

I purchased the course on February 27 and I couldn’t wait to hit the ground running.

I want to be clear when I say “hit the ground running”. It is in no way an indication of the timeframe it takes for me to finish each “Module/Unit” of the course. In fact, it is the complete opposite. You should be taking your time to complete this course. IT IS NOT A RACE.

Ok, so let’s jump into the details of my 30 day review…..

  1. The course consists of 12 Units and is designed to be a 12 week course. However, there is no rush and I would NOT suggest that you attempt (or feel pressured) to complete the course in 12 weeks. Honestly, It may take me 6 months or more to complete the course because I want to get as much out of the course as possible and not rush through it.
  2. How much does it cost? You can make a one time payment for 2017 of $797.00 or you can break it into 3 monthly payments of $297.00 per month. It really just depends on what you can afford. You can save $100.00 if you purchase it all at once. I am sure the price will go up when it opens again in 2018 but so far I am finding the course  to be well worth the investment.
  3. How do you access the course? The EBA team provides you with a link, login and you setup a password. It is pretty simple, nothing complicated about it!
  4. The course is extremely well written and is designed to work for all blogger levels. It seems like Ruth (and EBA) have mastered the art of creating a training that applies to the masses. Anyone can learn something (or a ton of somethings, like me) from this course.
  5. How does¬†the course¬†work?¬† When you login, you are greeted with a welcome video from Ruth regarding the journey in taking this course. DO NOT SKIP this video. She has some great tips and advice that will help you maneuver through the course. You are then prompted to go into the first¬†“Module” and under each module¬†are 3¬†“units.” The “unit” consist of a Video from Ruth regarding the specifics about that “unit” as well as downloads to accompany the unit.¬†You will definitely want to download each part of the unit as it includes a “packet” for that particular unit. It allows you to guide yourself through the course and complete assignments in your packet along the way. You are STRONGLY encouraged not to click “complete” on any of the units until you have actually completed the unit and it’s assignments. Don’t try to jump ahead…..you need the foundation before moving on to the next unit. So please put in the work before moving on or you will have to come back and do it because things will NOT make sense later in the course. The course has been well thought out and is put together the way it is for a reason. Trust that and don’t try to skip ahead. I promise that you WILL regret it if you do!
  6. What did I learn in my first 30 days? Let’s be clear…we all move at our own pace and that is ok. I am taking my time with the course and trying to get as much out of it the first time.
    • Assessing where my blog is currently. Taking an in-depth look at how and why I created my blog. It really gives you the tools to lay it all out very simple and make good decisions about your foundation. Don’t worry if you have already started a blog and realize you need to make changes, it covers that too! ūüôā
    • How to setup the foundation of my blog. It covers some minor technical items such as Google Analytics but it doesn’t get too complicated.
    • I learned how to create a blog structure that flows smoothly. They provide diagrams to help you with this process which makes it so much easier then trying to figure it out on your own.
    • The course¬†showed me how to determine my audience. Unfortunately you can NOT gear your site to appeal to everyone (even though that would be awesome!) So you need to know your audience and the course helps you figure it out.
    • I have covered how to brainstorm for post ideas. They have a wonderful section on this topic with tons of great suggestions!
    • I am also learning how to create content with FOCUS. This is an absolutely vital part of creating content that people want to read. Please know that this is a learning process and they make you practice it along the way. You even have the opportunity to go back and revise some of your older posts to ensure the content has FOCUS.
    • And last but not least, I am just finishing up¬†the section on¬†how to create an editorial calendar. I have already completed my 3 month editorial calendar assignment. It felt like a big accomplishment! :-).¬†I never really thought much about this part until I made it to this section…..because, let’s face it….¬†we all know how to create a calendar. However, this is very different. It teaches you how to get your content organized. This allows you to write content and put it on a scheduler. This is especially helpful with your seasonal posts. There are plugins that can be added to your WordPress.org site that will allow the calendar to be more automated. This makes it even easier! Write the content, add it to the calendar, schedule the post date on the scheduler and you are DONE!

So……Where am I in the course at this point?

I am about to begin: Unit 3.

It has taken me a¬†month and a half¬†to get through the first 2 units and that is ok with me. After all, this is not a race!¬† For me, it’s about building a quality blog that has content FOCUS¬†and helps others.

That’s it for now, so¬†be sure¬†to check back next month for my 60 day review.

Until next time my friends, Christie

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