The Blog Experiment – Month 3

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Welcome back to Get A Side Hustle!

3 months already? Wow….time went by fast! I still haven’t given up!

Just a quick recap….. the experiment will be a 12 month experiment and I will write a monthly post about “lessons learned”. I can’t wait to see where I am 12 months from now! 🙂

The Blog Experiment – Lessons learned – Month 3

Sorry I am about a week behind on getting this post out. My third month of blogging has been amazing. I have been incorporating things that I am learning in the Elite Blog Academy. The EBA course has been an absolutely mind blowing event and I am just getting started.

The course has allowed me the opportunity to create a detailed (and very organized) plan of action when it comes to my blog. The information I have obtained so far has been invaluable.

I will be sharing how the course has helped me with my blogging experience and some of the fantastic things I have learned from the course.

The course is now closed. It is only open one time a year, so if you are interested then you have to jump on the opportunity or else you will have to wait until the next year when it opens again.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

In this post, I will be covering the answers to the following questions below.

  1. Update on my blog platform.
  2. Update on my hosting service.
  3. Update on my affiliate programs.
  4. My site traffic for the third month.
  5. Upcoming improvements.

Alright….well Let’s get started!

My Blog Platform

  • Update
  • I am still very happy with my choice. I learn something new every week about WordPress and its capabilities.
  • I just recently installed OptinMonster so that I could capture email subscribers who are interested in following my blog.
  • You have to sign up for an account before you can begin creating campaigns but it is well worth it. You can sign up here OptinMonster
  • I am still trying to work out a few kinks with the OptinMonster plugin but I am sure it is user error and not the plugin 🙂

My Hosting Service

  • I have been absolutely thrilled with my BlueHost service. If you are looking for a great hosting service with excellent customer service, then BlueHost is the right choice. You can get started with them for less than $4.00 per month (basic service). What are you waiting for? It is super easy!

My Affiliate Programs

  • I have 3 major affiliate programs at this time. As I mentioned in my previous update, I am very selective about the products that I choose to promote. I would find it very difficult to tell others how much I like a product if I have never used it.
  • I currently work with BlueHost , Shopify and OptinMonster
  •  BlueHost is the hosting service that I use and I love them.
  • Shopify is the ecommerce site that I use to run my online store Treasure Island Shop. Shopify makes it so easy to setup a custom online shop or store. They even offer a free trial period for you to try them out. They are super cheap too. $29.00 for the basic package and it has more than everything you need to get your store up and running. It is extremely user friendly. I am not very technical and I was able to build a basic store in 15 days. If you are looking to create an online presence for your business, then check out Shopify. Oh, I almost forgot….Their customer service ROCKS!!! They will help you through everything and answer all of your questions. Shopify …….It’s free to get started.
  • OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that allows you to capture email subscribers by creating campaigns. They have really good tutorials for those who are handling your blog sites on your own (like me). It is also pretty easy to setup campaigns. Don’t worry if you get stuck……you can ask for their help. They have really awesome customer service.

My Site Traffic – March 2017

  • What is SEO – Simply put, it is the ability for the search engines (ie: google, bing, etc.) to “crawl” your site and add it to the search options.
  • My third month has more than doubled and all I can say is WOW! I had a total of 412 views my third month. It increased a smidge from my January totals and I am happy to see it climbing (even if it is slowly). Pageviews matter…. but don’t let it be your primary focus and please do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to other bloggers who are further along. That is a recipe for being discouraged and potentially quitting. Blogging is hard! Stay steady and you CAN win the race. Focus on writing amazing content that readers want and the rest will fall into place! 🙂

Upcoming Improvements

  • I am still working on my site redesign. I have reached out to the designer so that we can start the process. I am thinking that I will be ready to reveal my new site design sometime in August (or sooner if possible – She is pretty backed up).
  • Working on the functionality of my email campaign. I want the campaign to be something that someone wants and NOT pop up boxes all over my site. I personally think those things are soooooo annoying. I don’t mind one pop up but multiple ones are just irritating and I don’t want that for my readers.

I hope that you have found my feedback useful. Tune in next month for the  Month 4 update in my 12 month blog experiment.

Until next time my friends, Christie

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