2017 Review of Coconut Oil For Pet Skin Rashes Due To Allergies

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Welcome to Get A Side Hustle!!

I have found a miracle cure for my poor chiweenie dogs skin rashes!!

If you have a pet that is suffering from seasonal pet allergies that produce skin rashes, then please keep reading!

Let me start by saying that I am not a super big believer in holistic pet medicines. I’m not saying that some of them may not work but I prefer to have my personal vet involved with all aspects of my pets health. If they need antibiotics, then they get them. If they need prescription dog food, then they get it. Are they spoiled. YES! and I will make no apologies for that. They are like my children and they get the best.

I have 3 four-legged little girls that add so much fun and laughter to my life. However, 2 of them (my chiweenie dogs) have suffered with terrible skin allergies for the past 2 years. I have searched high and low for a cure for them.

We have finally found a cure that has been sitting in my kitchen cabinet the entire time! This stuff is so amazing…I decided to sell it on my website! You can purchase it below.

Organic Coconut Oil

For the love of God, this stuff has been a miracle cure for my 2 little girl dogs.

Here is how I used it on my girl dogs to clear up their skin rashes from allergies.

  1. Give your pet a bath and make sure they are dry before starting this process. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the process of drying or you can just wait for them to air dry which is my preferred method. The best shampoo I have found for a pet with allergies is: GNC Pets – Medicated Itch Relief Shampoo – Premium Formula. It relieves itching, scratching and redness. It also contains hydrocortisone to calm irritated skin. You can purchase it from my website Pet Shampoo
  2. Apply Organic Coconut Oil directly to the irritated areas on your pets skin. My girls have the rash under their arms and the inside of their back legs. Clean your hands with soap and water and then apply the coconut oil to the necessary areas. Gently rub it in on your pets skin. It will become oily feeling and that is ok. If you get too much on, then just use a paper towel or Kleenex to wipe off the excess. You can purchase it from my website Organic Coconut Oil.

I used it 2 times a day for the first 3 days until the rashes were almost completely gone. I continue to give my pets a bath once a week and apply the Organic Coconut Oil to the areas that are prone to the rash and it has worked wonders!

Trust me…your pet will want to lick the coconut oil and guess what….it won’t hurt them! However, the licking action on the skin is part of what keeps the areas inflamed so try to keep the licking down to a minimum.

I can honestly say that I have tried everything. Prescription allergy medication, multiple bathing techniques, changing dog treats, changing dog food, different cleaning products, medicated wipes and nothing worked!

This Organic Coconut Oil has been a true miracle cure for my girls and I am so thankful to have stumbled upon it.

Finally, a healthy product that won’t harm my pets!

I also feel better about them not having to wear a cone after I apply it because most steroids or cortisone creams for pet skin rashes are not safe for them to lick. The only downfall to them licking it is it will make their coats shiny and there is nothing wrong with that! But I do not recommend  you allow them to lick the area because it keeps the area inflamed.

If you are like me, you don’t want to see your pets suffer with these skin rashes. They can be very uncomfortable and painful for your pets. Don’t waste another moment and pick up some Organic Coconut Oil & Pet Shampoo today! You and your pet will be so happy you did.

Until next time my friends, Christie

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**Disclaimer – I am not a vet or a doctor of any sort. I am simply sharing products that have worked for my pets. Please consult with your vet prior to using any of the products I have listed in my post. This is also a home remedy for skin allergies but you should have that confirmed with your vet prior to using these products in the event that your pet has something other than a skin allergy that would require other medical treatment or antibiotics.


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